Spiritual Educator and Coach

Growth delivered with compassion and integrity.

The idea of growth is moving forward.

It is impartial and compassionate leadership, it is integrity, and above all, learning to be the best that we can be in the moment. It is for ourselves, and only after, for others with the understanding that the commitment to growth is self-driven and nurtured through the need to become more than what we were yesterday and what we are today.

Many believe that we have to come from good places to deserve abundance, that we have to be wealthy to be prosperous, or religiously affiliated to be deemed worthy, but that is not true. Growth and prosperity belong to all people from all walks of life and experiences.

Growing is learning to accept healing, it is learning to love and be loved, it is learning to be compassionate and kind, it is learning to forgive ourselves and others, and it is learning that no matter where we come from and what we’ve experienced: we all deserve another chance.

An important question is,

Simply put, spiritual coaching is a combination of non-physical tools used to promote growth on the homestead, in the work place, and out in the world. The purpose: to reform perspectives on life and to offer healthy alternatives for unhealthy habits.

Coaching works with the non-corporeal realms and aims to transform the aspects of us that need energy and illumination and can reward us in times of hardship.

Healthy spiritual coaching is non-oppressive, non-denominational, readily accessible, and anti-dependent. To grow, clients require space to form their own beliefs and practices and it is up to the coach to pass on the versatile tools necessary for them to adapt them to their own practices.

Some common tools employed are channeling, tarot/oracle, talk therapy, shamanism, meditation, and spiritual self-care.

Due to the nature of the field, we can only suggest practical, achievable practices and share perspectives.

Spiritual coaches are only ever temporary guides, much like the many ancestors, animal totems, and spirits that help us through the tough spots in life.

Only the client can initiate real change.

Another good question is…

How do we know spiritual coaching is for us?

Being here is the first step.

The next, identifying the areas in our lives that could use a little growth, a breath of fresh air, or spiritual healing. Coaching is very beneficial when we’re feeling lost, confused, or at odds and ends with our lives and ourselves as a whole. Even when we begin to question the beliefs of ourselves and others.

From deep personal experience, here are some signs of soul loss:



-Inability to focus



-Lack of motivation or drive

-Constant tiredness/depletion

-Dissatisfaction with life and/or self

-Feeling trapped or limited

-Feeling oppressed and/or suffocated


Soul Loss is:

A result of experiencing a traumatic or painful situation.

Sometimes these events happen but once or twice in our life, and sometimes, we are born in trauma or have carried it over from a past life. Loss of a childhood, an experience with degradation and abuse, and other circumstances can take away from who we are as spiritual beings.

Soul loss is a result, and the act of, giving a piece of our souls to trauma to save the whole.

Think of it like a lizard losing its tail when nearly captured by a predator.

Once that piece of our soul is given to the traumatic experience, it is quite like getting stuck in one time and place. Oftentimes, we relive the experience through depression, self-abuse, and anxiety.

By nature, we subconsciously remember the past to navigate the future like remembering the physical or environmental signs of being around dangerous people or circumstance.

When we seen dangerous situations similar to what we’ve experienced, we may be triggered and therefore respond in the way we feel will protect ourselves either through anger, withdrawal, or escape (either physically or through something that comforts us).

The downside, and the struggle with, these situations is that though our present may not be the same as our past and the same people may not be present, we tend to forget that they are not separate and use old patterns of preservation to handle the present situation.

This almost always affects our relationship with our friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, and complete strangers. There is always an element of personal suffering as well.

Ultimately, our lives reflect what we are experiencing on the inside.

And this is where spiritual coaching can help the most.

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Devan has been practicing shamanism, meditation, and card reading for 8 years. In August 2018, he coordinated the Sacred Circle of Wyoming and graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in October later that year with 600 hours in neuromuscular massage. During this time, he parented Qi Touch, which utilizes kinesiology, Qi manipulation, and healing touch to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional growth and healing.

Devan was also ordained a minister of the Universal Life Church in early 2019 and is passionate about spiritual coaching, physics, metaphysics, physiology, pathology, neurology, magic, spirit clearing, cat photos, and gaming with his friends on the downtime!