Shaman, Spiritual Coach, Energy Worker, Weaver, and Sigil Maker

Service delivered with empathy and compassion in a straightforward no shadows way.

(Also, shamanism) Is a term that originates from Siberia and is practiced all over the world in places like Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, for example. It references spiritual healers whom “See in the Dark” because of their ability to walk between realms.

The term may seem familiar if you’re aware of Sandra Ingerman and similar practitioners.

They are also guides and psychopomps, capable of moving on and clearing spirits that are stuck between realms. They are capable of removing negative spirits and energies and can retrieve someone’s ‘soul pieces’ with appropriate consent, making them capable of healing trauma because they believe that all mental diseases are spiritual in nature.

Shamanism is also animistic in belief–that there is soul in all things, including plants, inanimate objects and natural phenomena because all things are connected.

Essentially, shamanism is an age-old craft with many valuable tools and techniques that I fully believe work far better than my other modalities.

I perform journey work, psychopomp, soul retrieval, ancestral healing, and past life healing.

It can be synonymous with other terms such as adviser or guide but I listed it and chose ‘coach’ because it implies my method, my approach, to my time with clients. The key is not to become dependent on me but to become empowered through the time we work together.

When I think ‘adviser’, I think ‘message relay’, and when I think guide, I think ‘here is the way now go do that thing’, whereas with coach, I think, ‘okay so this is what I see so let’s do this. Let me tell you what this does and teach you how to work with it, with this and this and equip you with the necessary knowledge to adapt it to other things’.

If that makes sense. πŸ™‚

I tend to use tarot and oracle cards and channeled sessions for this one.

I’m always asked if I do Reiki, and the answer is no. I appreciate it as a craft and attempted a level one tier, myself, but I am not too fond of the method nor the approach because I am more technical and interactive.

It initially stems from my time as a massage student, actually, because massage helped me to understand anatomy, physiology, pathology, meta-expressions, and the mind-body connection and how it plays a part in our energies; as enhanced by a class on Chinese Medicine.

My methods are influenced by Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Matrix Energetics as well as an innate ability to read through my hands. Whether or not touch is involved. It is with these methods combined that I deliver my sessions remotely or in-person.

However, I also use shamanic journeying if my energetic methods don’t seem to be enough.

After delivering an energy session, I actually tend to recommend soul retrieval or journey work and assist the person in discovering the root of the problem, more often than not. After all, the root of the problem isn’t usually all that it seems.

It could be soul loss, ancestral, caused by spirits; the possibilities are endless.

I tend to use energy sessions as a ‘let’s get in there and look around so I can better serve you’ tool.


Definitely not a wool and loom kind, though I do crochet.

Here, I am actually referring to the ability to tap into and see, and work with, the fabric of life; synonymous also with our own, independent fabrics, or threads, that weave all life. Many people refer to it as the ‘matrix’ or ‘web of life’, however, it’s all the same thing and I work with it through the tools above.

I often use Shamanic journeying and energy healing and scanning to identify it and to work with it, and hopefully, to heal it. I’ve come to refer to it as the dark root or the black root because that is, quite literally, what I see in my mind’s eye when I encounter most cases. Including with myself.

I’ve heard of some people realizing it as ‘black lightning’ or ‘creatures made of roots’ as well and would actually like to take a moment to address it as the ‘energy distortion’ that contributes largely to the low vibrations that damage our world as we know it.

Within and without it.

At least, that is what I have Perceived over my many encounters with it.

I am actually looking forward to releasing online courses for it so stay tuned if it resonated with you. πŸ™‚

So… last but not least:

In-a-nutshell, I draw magic!

And love creating custom pieces for my clients. They are very powerful tools supercharged with intention. When I create them, I often channel and refer to my guides, as well as those of my clients, in their making. It’s a meditative session with lots of drawing with a wonderful end-result.

To know more, head to my Sigils page to readΒ  up on them and see my Free Sigils page to grab some ones free for personal use. πŸ™‚