Paying Gratitude to Life

Hygge (Hue-guh)

A cozy, charming, or special moment for life’s simple pleasures.

Hygge struck me like a warm ray of gratitude when I was commuting home from class the other day. The midday sun was peering through a large wall of storm clouds, suspended over the steady, strong silhouette of the Medicine Bow Mountains…

It was a humbling experience, to feel small compared to the power of the earth, and it helped me to connect with a small fraction of what our ancestors might have felt in the days long before technology became the foundation for our society.

It made me feel gratitude because I knew, at that moment, that I had a place in the Great Wheel; just like the wind, just like the rain, and the storm clouds rolling over the mountains.

I had a place I could call home.

I was struck by gratitude at the very conception of this realization. Not only are vehicles a model for physical momentum, but that can be symbols of spiritual momentum, much like white horses in tarot arcana.

Momentum, purely in the Present and into the Future.

That moment was was a reward that reminded me that I have much to be grateful for; that life, in all its fickle motions, was perfect.

Despite trudging through years of hardship–poverty, cancer, abuse, chronic depression, bipolar, and suicidal thoughts–I realized I was blessed with a loving family, a loving partner, and the ability to look at those mountains and feel just as placid as the eye of the storm hovering above.

It was a strike of clarity and realization; a gift of love, stability, and freedom… oceans away from the dark, fragmented past that loomed over me like a bad day. A past which was no more than a book that I’d finished writing, flipped closed, and stowed away on a shelf for later.

I am grateful for my small but loving family and for my partner, whom I never believed that I would meet again; she who is devoted, passionate, chaotic, intelligent, and loving.

I am grateful for the roof over my head, the food and water, the warm bed, the shower, the car, the education, and overall, for the ability to be independent and capable of love.

I am honored by magic and the Great Spirit, I am honored by angels, ascended masters, ancestors, and all the other spirits whom I do not Perceive. Those that have assisted in my healing and led me forward; no matter how dark it seemed.

I am honored by the sense of coming home again.

Hygge is…

  • Drinking a warm cup of coffee when its cold outside
  • Spending time with my partner
  • The feel of a leather-bound journal in my hands
  • The sensation of putting ink to paper
  • In the quiet, sacred space of Tai Chi and Meditation.

Gratitude is within Hygge.

It helps us to appreciate and understand the that rewards of an arduous journey are important to cherish–not matter how large nor small–because are the fruits of our harvest.

Gratitude is abundance and learning to love all that is in this Present moment.

And truly, there is no greater gift.

How To Pay Gratitude To Life

One of the three keys to healthy, shamanic practice

I find that the most fulfilling habit to get into is paying gratitude to life in the morning so you can set the energy into motion long before you experience the breadth of life’s demands.

It’s as simple as standing near an open window, out in the back or the front yard, or inside (if it’s particularly cold or rainy day) in a room that you find yourself most comfortable in.

There, you’ll…

Open your arms and thank the first thing that enters your mind. No matter how positive or negative it might seem.

Thank the second thing that rolls through your mind.

Then the third.

Then the fourth.

Then the fifth…

Until you find yourself struggling to find people to thank, events or experiences to thank, spirits to thank, no matter what form they take.

Be gratuitous not only for life and things and events and places but yourself because you are the pillar of your reality and need the most love, at this moment in time.

It’s as easy as that.

Over time, you’ll notice the practice making more of a difference in your life the more you learn what it feels like. All sorts of things will pass through your mind during those times. Doubts, for example, or the little ninny that says ‘I don’t deserve it’ or ‘they don’t deserve it’.

The key is to be able to give gratitude unconditionally while understanding you don’t have to be vulnerable to be grateful.

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With gratitude,


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