Elemental Questionnaire and Characteristics

As promised in my prior article about Chinese Medicine, you will find the questionnaire and the elemental characteristics sheet in .pdf and.xhtml format at the end of the article for you to view and save as you need.

To understand the elements in your chart and where your work can be done, you first have to take the questionnaire, answering each statement with numerical values as instructed in the document. Those numerical values need to be totaled at the end of each page, which are labeled A, B, C, D, and E, to get the total number for the element that letter represents.

The key to all of this is answering each question on the questionnaire truly honest to the person that you are. Accuracy will suffer, otherwise. After all, no one will be looking at your scores unless you show them. πŸ™‚

That being said, at the end of the whole quiz, it should look a little something like this:

  • Total A: 56
  • Total B: 41
  • Total C: 40
  • Total D: 42
  • Total E: 55

Now, the fun part is plugging those numbers into the chart based on the score per letter:

By Tom K Brink Now, it should look kind of like this…

  • Total A: 56 = Water

  • Total B: 41 = Wood

  • Total C: 40 = Fire

  • Total D: 42 = Earth

  • Total E: 55 = Metal

These are my results from class and I used it as an example to demonstrate that you can have more than one dominant element.

The final step to the process is taking a look at the characteristics sheet to become familiar with all the personal aspects associated with each element.

There are six sections in total:

  • Undistorted Characteristics
  • Exaggerated
  • Collapsed
  • Difficulty with
  • Affinities/Desires
  • Aversions/Fears/Difficulties

Undistorted Characteristics are traits that belong to people who clearly represent the element, such as fire with charisma, awareness, enthusiasm, liveliness, and optimism.

Exaggerated traits belong to people who have too much of the element. The ‘extreme’ aspect, one could say, like fire burning too hot or water flowing too wildly.

Collapsed traits usually reflect that the element is not getting enough of what it needs to thrive in a healthy way; something that is stagnant or lacking of a healthy flow of energy. Something that is over-protected, closed-off, or drawn too tight.

‘Difficulty with’ traits are pretty self explanatory. πŸ™‚ Like wood with sharing, equality, obstacles, anger, and choices.

Affinities/Desires are traits that are characteristics of the element. Like Earth loving family, harmony, sharing, stability, and being in relationships; and like wood loving challenge, achievement, independence, uniqueness, and practicality.

Aversions/Fears/Difficulties are a collection of traits associated with what tend to negate the element they belong to. Like metal with complexity, chaos, spontaneity, and impropriety; and like water with ignorance, sharing, dishonesty, and rashness.

What I did was pick out and analyze all the characteristics, even the uncomfortable ones, and it really and truly helped me to understand my imbalances and imperfections.

Through the exploration, I learned to love myself a little more and have been doing a lot of balancing with chakra and elemental meditation; courtesy of Sekhmet. The rewards and benefits of the work has been wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling.

I hope you enjoy the activity~

Here are the documents:

Elemental Questionnaire

Elemental Characteristics

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