Truth of the Enlightened

Enlightenment does not mean that we lose the ability to experience sorrow and it does not mean that we become tranquil and unfeeling… It means that we are capable of accessing the deep, non-egoic, heart of love and compassion and that we can mourn the presence of pain, celebrate joy, and experience life in all its vibrant facets. Despite that we suffer, and live in a world of suffering, it means that we can be in the heart of hearts and still remember love.

Paramahansa Yogananda


Professor Masao Abe

Self-estrangement and anxiety are not something accidental to the ego-self, but are inherent to its structure. To be human is to be a problem to one’s self regardless of one’s culture, class, sex, nationality, or the era in which one lives. To be human means to be an ego-self; to be an ego-self means to be cut off from both one’s Self and one’s world, which means to be in constant anxiety. This is the human predicament. The ego-self, split at the root into subject and object, is forever dangling from a bottomless abyss, unable to gain any footing.


:: “Oneness”

:: Absolute, or complete, Samadhi is a state of total immersion in which one is no longer aware of oneself as a subject separate from a person, thing, or activity as an object. It is a a state of intense yet effortless concentration, of heightened and expanded awareness.

:: Awareness at rest

The Wheel of Life and Death by Philip Kapleau