These services are only available to residents in Southern Wyoming and Northern Colorado.

These require manual booking because of time and travel so email me or call me at (307) 316-3097!

In-Person Energy Healing – 1 Hour – $120-$140

Spirit Clearing – Up to 6 Hours – $500+

This involves traveling to your home and can take up to 5 to 6 hours depending on the severity of the situation. This is purchased only when a client is in need of spirit/entity/ghost removal, as well as the absolution of psychometric energy.

Psychometric energy is also referred to as ‘mental’ or ‘psychic’ energy that builds up and becomes stagnant in our homes. This is a result of a lack of healthy energy clearing practices as well as high tension living situations where negative emotions are largely prevalent.

Psychopomp is the spiritual craft of guiding the souls of the dead, and the living, through the “death” or “transient” experience. It is key in removing spirits (of all kinds) while knowing where to direct them in the Otherworld.

Spirit Clearing includes a diagnostic session with a walk-through and client intake, pre-cleansing, Psychopomp cleansing, and a thorough blessing afterward. It also includes a post-session; i.e. aftercare, self-care, and education.

For post-event care, two follow-up sessions priced at $100 are available within 90 days of the original purchase date for those that need additional assistance.

Land and Home Blessing Without Spirit Clearing – 2-4 Hours – $200