Custom Sigils are $20 per request.

You’ll get the image in a PNG format (lossless) and a PDF break down of what it means and how it can best be used. If any extra information comes up during the making process, I’ll include that too!

Email me at and we can arrange a time to chat and exchange payment. 🙂

Sigils are charged purely from the intentions and forms from which they are made. The process, in itself, is magic and it’s a balance of thought, positive expectations, prayers, decrees, and action steps that all manifest an end result through the creative process; whether it’s through making the sigil or applying it to an object.

The key is that good sigils are maps that channel energy in a specific way; they are powerful tools that enhance the user’s intentions by highlighting a certain aspect that needs something specific. Like a person needing heart-healing, for example, or a child in need of psychic protection.

The idea is that the magic comes from the mass intention of the greater consciousness connected to the symbols, icons, lines, and shapes used to make them.

This, therefore, enhances the composite energy and gives them life.

When we tap into the greater consciousness, the network (or fabric) of the energy that we all share makes it possible to quantify and catalyze the change, healing, and protection that we want. Hence, the power of sigils, whose potential I only discovered after a couple of years of experimentation and a lot of interesting rabbit holes.

My guide Hilarion (and Ashtar, I think), originally led me to study Enochian magic (after reading Initiation into the Grail Mysteries by Timothy A Storlie) because of its symbol-oriented tablets, diagrams, and language; a type of magic based on the ceremony of evocation and the command of various spirits.

The further I dove the more I realized that it was obscure, cryptic, and way too complicated; a kind of ritual-based system that left me with a dirty vibe and a bad taste in my mouth.

It kind of tasted like Vatican and politics, if I’m being honest.

All the steps, materials, and memorization required seemed incredibly unnecessary to me, distorted, despite every step of the process being completely intentional and symbolic.

It made me realize that it was a good idea done wrong.

Though I sacked the idea of Enochian magic and all its convoluted ways, I didn’t discard the idea of symbols and energy in an imaginal format (which is what it was on a 101 level) and kept the Enochian language on hand in case I ever needed it to reinvent its use.

Then, Solomon and Melchizedek stepped into my life and I rediscovered the sator square, alchemy, and sacred geometry. Though I was previously acquainted with the forms, I’d never seen a use for them until I was called to assist an ex with detaching a demon per her rather unwise niece.

(Which, I should probably pause here and say please don’t try this at home, kids.)

There was a period of a couple years in my life where I seriously considered becoming an exorcist because of my personal/non-personal experiences with demonic/negative forces and my natural inclination for working with the energy. It was a lot of time spent studying, training, learning necessary steps, and reshaping my own self so that I wouldn’t be vulnerable to possession (it was also a time of near complete celibacy, believe it or not). Ultimately, my knowledge was the only reason why my endeavor was successful.

Sounds fun right?

I spent a few weeks up to the event meditating, drawing, re-drawing, and pulling together my previous studies of spell/ritual crafting, evocation, traditional exorcism, and all that fun stuff, to create something that would close the connection between her and it, eliminate its resource (its food, so to speak) so it would let go long enough for me to vortex the sh*t out of it.

It also involved study with alchemy.

I was pleased to find that alchemy was a lot simpler than Enochian so I took basic alchemical elements, Enochian letters, the sator square, and a grid base and wove it all together into a vortex of “get the f*ck out”.

Then, I constructed a process around the ordeal, including the ‘necessary steps’ bit, and ultimately and successfully, removed it.

(And not without the help of a good friend at the time.)

It was after this experience that I realized the full potential that sigils had.

I had developed similar sigils (which I called glyphs, at first) after the event, but it was a new, rough system which needed a serious overhaul. It was too cluttered, too heavy, and too flashy. I was stuck on thinking that I needed alchemy as a foundation, thus, was limited by a single system rather than having the flexibility of many.

So I had to revisit everything I knew and discovered that I could use tarot arcana and runes as well (which led me down the rabbit hole of custom languages for a Book of Shadows.)

Over time, my system became much more open and malleable as I worked with fewer elements at a time. A “one and done” philosophy that I realized largely impacted the effectiveness of my sigils for the better.

Because I’ve been practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong regularly for the last year or so, I’ve noticed that my sensitivity to the energy created during sigil-making sessions has increased, leading for a more lucrative experience and an enhanced ability to better sense dysfunctions.

Having such a tangible experience has also led my passion for them to re-ignite after a bit of time away, hence why I’ve decided to create custom sigils for those that need them.

In this regard, customization is power.

The impact is more specific to the wielder, leading spell work, intention setting, meditation, and all sorts of other practices to be more effective for them in the long run. The change, also noticeable, if the right tools and methods are used in addition to.


May a sigil find a home in your practice

And may it lead you on a path to your highest good. 

With love,