Valentine’s Day Love Sigil

Valentines Sigil

(Free for personal use only!)

The qualities of Venus and the Lady Astrea, Elohim of the Fourth Ray of Purity known as the starry mother. She is present in this sigil to transform all things that do not serve the white fire of love. She teaches us, through these lines, how to love and beloved and how to use that power wisely.

At the very center of the Venus symbol we see the quality of gold in all its radiance; the circle of the sun with the orb in the middle. Gold is the Master Healer, representing purity and the spiritual aspect of “All That Is”. It is symbolic of spirituality and development in the realm of complete understanding; allowing one to both obtain, and maintain, communion with the source of all being.

Within gold lies the element of water, representing emotion and matters of the heart. Though water is representative of many sacred things, it is in this symbol that it addresses the conscious/subconscious fears and desires of ‘want’, highlighting the many aspects through which we find false love.

While safely cradled in gold, these watery attributes can therefore find deep healing so that real love in all its forms can find its way into our lives. Not just romantic love but familial love and the love of friends, and likewise, a love for all beings.

Thereafter, we see Chamuel’s wings unfurling from Lady Astrea’s qualities to assist in her endeavor of bringing peace to the world. He is also, however, a protector and protects us from the lower, vibrating, negative energies that would seek to do us harm. He sees, and teaches us, the connectedness between all things and assists us in finding strength and courage in the face of adversity. And most especially, to find strength and courage in healing the watery qualities that prevent us from receiving pure love.

He is a being that finds lost things, helps heal anxiety, and can repair relationships and misunderstandings.

At the tips of Chamuel’s wings we see two anchors connecting this Love energy to the very foundation of our world. Ourselves. It leads the eye to witness the beam of love energy radiating downward (to our earth), rather than upward (to the world and others), because it is meant to nurture the soils of our souls and emotions, helping us to understand that if we sacrifice too much of ourselves, there will be nothing left to give.

This energy radiates deep into the earth to its core, deep into our subconscious, to nurture the alchemical earth so we may learn and understand the process of growth, expansion, and self-love; helping us to define what love truly is.

The earth is cradled by the upward crescent moon, representing the rigid qualities of earth (in this application), and its imposing, authoritarian, critical aspects of the way we love ourselves so that we can break down those walls and ‘till the soils’ so to speak so that we may re-plant our gardens and begin anew in less rigid ways.

Healing the harsh energies that prohibit us from growth and ascension.

And last but not least, we see something cradled between the arch of Chamuel’s wings, as though it were its very own element. Here we witness the fruition of the transformation process and it is expressed through the laws of magnetism. When we go through the Love Sigil Cycle, we go through deep healing that allows us to finally attract pure forms of love in all areas of our life. This is represented by the sacred, immortal, pine tree which represents birth, abundance, health, Fertility, Fortune, and Love.

This sigil is best used to find love, protection, peace, deep healing, understanding, expansion, growth, abundance, fertility, fortune, the birth of new things, and transformation. Tie a bundle of pine needles together, burn them, pass one or more pine cones through the smoke, and place them in a location to admire and remember the blessings for days to come. This sigil works beautifully with candles, on charms, and in many other ways. They are also wonderful tokens to give to others. Be creative and open yourself to the Love Sigil Cycle.