I’ve been actively practicing my craft now for a little over eight years or so and have been “in touch” with my gifts for a better part of my life and my childhood. I officially launched Wheel Walker Sigils and Services in December 2018 with every intention of offering my services to others because I am passionate about ‘alternative’ healing modalities and helping others find the Divine Spark within.

Because I was called to action at a young age, much of my life has been dedicated to self-healing, self-care, and coming to learn that we must put our own healing before the healing of others before we can begin mending the world around; especially to create the change that we desire.

As a child, I accrued deep trauma through cancer, sexual, verbal, and physical abuse, poverty (and all that it encompasses), and various other (hard to talk about) trespasses that took from my life, vitality, and ability to love. It created distortions and my Perception of what love was and fragmented my trust in others to the point that I moved through relationships and jobs in search for something I would never find because it was inside the entire time.

And it looked a lot like soul loss; a process of self-preservation where parts of our soul ‘run off’ to avoid sustaining critical damage. It’s that emptiness, that void, that you can never seem to fill, it looks like chronic depression and anxiety, it looks like apathy and disassociation, and a lot of other things that prevent one from enjoying life.

It is a lack of life and vitality.

Though I still deal with anxiety, depression, and jemais vu, I do have a lot to be grateful and I have decided to work on a book about love and soul loss (which I will self-publish either later this year or early next year!)

It’s a daunting task but my goal is to be able to share my tools with others and to assist them on their own healing paths because I understand the hardship of walking alone.

Service-wise, however, I do offer a lot that will not be in my book so head to my Services page to see a synopsis of what I’m offering right now (just click on the more info link and it will pull up information about the service).

Most sessions are conducted via phone or in-person (depending on your location) and always consists of a form of spiritual coaching, all with the means to lead you to self-empowerment.

If you have any questions, please let me know and feel free to poke around my website.