We’re all standing around the same Circle of Life.

One of Us is standing in the North, One of Us is standing in the East, One of Us is standing in the South, One of Us is standing in the West, and there are People all in between. The only thing that divides Us is our Perception because though there is a feather in the middle of the Great Wheel, we are all standing in different spots, and are–therefore–Seeing it in many different Ways.

This does not make it any less of a feather, it simply means that from the West, the feather seems to be pointing to the right, and from someone in the East, it will look as though it is pointing left.

Both Perceptions are true, however, are not the whole truth, implying that neither person is wrong but that they are limited in their own Perceptions.

The goal: To understand that we are all standing on different parts of the Wheel and that Our Journey leads us through different Perceptions so that we can one day understand All That Is.

Walking the Wheel simply refers to moving through the experience that is life. It is ‘ascending the spiral’, it is ‘weaving the web of life’, it is ‘understanding the matrix’, and it is a part of The Way.

It is a Journey.

I refer to myself as a Wheel Walker because I am not above nor below my fellow humankind. I don’t like the term ‘guru’ and other buzzwords associated with being a mentor mostly because I feel like it’s too focused on an image, rather than the content, which I feel is more important aside from the authenticity and integrity of the vessel.

From my own Perception, we are all mentors and students. Where I fall short, another rises, and it’s this intellectual balance between all People that creates equality. Not that we are all homogenized but that we are the pathfinders in our lives and have our own lessons to teach as a result of our Journies.

It’s a tribe relationship, it’s the path of a Wheel Walker.

My Journey has taught me about trauma healing and soul retrieval, it taught me about spirit clearing and psychopomp, and it taught me about finding the Divine Spark within.

Therefore, these are the things I teach.

By saying that I am a Wheel Walker, I am simply referring to the idea that I’ve been around the block a couple of times and understand hardship because I’m human too; constantly moving around my Wheel as we all do in life. Moving from North, to East, to South, to West, and back again, ever-evolving because a life that is not in motion is stagnant.

Distortions (i.e. trauma, soul loss, etc) cause stagnance, and negative experiences that compromise our life and vitality, cause distortion.

To move forward again, we have to heal distortion to be liberated from from all the things that prevent us from growth and evolution. Therefore implying that to live the life of a Wheel Walker, we have to be willing to leave behind all the things that no longer serve us, to understand that Our Perceptions are different, and to understand that our lives are always in flux.

It isn’t the destination that matters, it’s the journey.